Saturday, September 4, 2010

Professional and Unprofessional

Hey what's up, it's your boy the "Native Son" Robby!

So since my last posting, I had my first title defense of the BPW Maximum championship. It didn't go to well. First off, I wresltled, scratch that, I fought against a big guy named "Roadhouse". "Roadhouse" supposedly has been around for a while, but did not show that in the ring. BPW usually puts "Roadhouse" in matches where he just displays his natural big man strength, and just mulls his opponents over. And his matches really don't go to long either. So he never really had to do much in the ring. But now our match was for a title, a championship match, and the semi main event. We're supposed to set the crowd up for the main event. This is where each wrestler needs to step up his game. So I guess against me, using his strength and mulling me over is what "Roadhouse" planned, but the "Native Son" is no ordinary man! So from the beginning of the match I realized this was not going to be a wrestling classic, but an all out brawl. This guy just didn't get it man! I don't know how he was allowed to be in the ring with anybody. "Roadhouse" was very dangerous. You know wrestling is a competition, nad even though you want to win, you don't want to hurt or injure anyone. Well that's what you learn if you were trained properly. You know, We at the SBWA hvae taught, and continue to teach our students how to take care of them selves in the ring, but we never teach them to injure anyone. So anyway, "Roadhouse" and I fought back and forth for a while, and finally I came out with an upsetting, frustrating, but successful title defense.This was the first time in my career that I threw a tantrum in the locker room. You see, I pride myself on being a professional in and out of the ring, and in my opinion, throwing a tantrum in a pro wrestling locker room in front of the "boys" is not being professional. So I had to apologize to the BPW officials for losing my temper. But I have never been in the ring with someone who was so unprofessional in my whole career. I have been in the ring with "greenhorns", and nervous guys. But they were still professional. I don't mind being in the ring with young guys. I mean that's all I do at the SBWA Dojo. I even had some matches at BPW with "greenhorns". And I was happy that I was able to raise their level, and stock in the company. I even heard that "Roadhouse" called me unprofessional in the locker room. If I was unprofessional that night, "Roadhouse" would have had a broken nose, or broken arm, But I still kept my senses, and some what composure, So who was unprofessional bro? I have worked just about everyone in the BPW locker room, so you can ask them if i have ever been unprofessional. I'll stake my reputation on the fact that they'll all say that i'm the most professional guy they've worked with. So in my opinion "Roadhouse" had, or has no business in a pro wrestling ring. Right now any way. I think "Roadhouse" needs to spend more time trining in the ring, honing his skills before he has another pro wrestling match. Now I think "Roadhouse" is a good guy. He is actually really respectful, he just needs to learn the business that he currnetly in.

And with that, I'm going to head out now, and do some training myself. Hey don't forget to check out myself, and all the rest of the Santino family at these upcoming shows:
LCW - Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 in East L.A.
BPW - Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010 in Los Alamitos
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